[mp3] J Mascis – “Not Enough”

It’s kind of an amazing fact that prior to the upcoming Several Shades of Why, J Mascis has never released a studio solo album, especially given that Dinosaur Jr. was dormant for so long before 2007’s Beyond.  After numerous side projects over the years, not to mention the live solo/acoustic album Martin + Me from 1996, Several Shades of Why is the long awaited stepping out of one of the Alternative Nation’s most celebrated guitar legends.  Mascis himself says that there are no drums on the new acoustic record, and Sup Pop, who release the album March 15, say it is “performed with a delicacy not always associated with his work”.  Mascis can shred an electric guitar as intensely as just about anyone ever could, but his quieter side has yielded quite a few gems over the years as well.  You can add “Not Enough” to that list.  Very much looking forward to this one.

MP3  ::  Not Enough

(from Several Shades of Why. Info here)



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