Disappears – Guider

After a strong 2010 debut, Kranky’s token rock band Disappears are set to release their sophomore album, Guider, next week.  The six song set once again finds the no-frills psyche/rock revivalists doing what they do best – plowing through a batch of pummeling, minimalist rock & roll meant to be played at extreme volumes.  After tightening up the new songs on tour last year, the band wanted to capture them on tape while they were still smoking.  So Guider was recorded quickly, all first takes except for one song.  The band was so caught up in the moment that they even recorded right over the LUX tape reels (so much for an eventual remastered reissue I guess).  The result is an even better, more consistent record than the debut, full of distorted guitars and insistent, Kraut-like rhythms. 

The first five songs go by in a whir of noise and adrenaline, each a virtual archetype in how to use tension, repetition, and reverb in concise rock songs.  Though they’re uniformly excellent, album opening shredder “Superstition” and the soaring title track stand out to these ears.  Guider’s brief tracklist, violent guitars, and full on swagger remind me The Velvet Underground’s classic White Light/White Heat, with “Revisiting”‘s 16 minutes of controlled chaos playing the part of “Sister Ray”.  There are certainly further echoes of VU throughout these songs, not to mention Wire, The Stooges, and Sonic Youth.  Actually, Disappears will be joined by a borrowed Steve Shelley from SY on drums this winter (dates here), and I can’t imagine their live show being anything less than amazing.  Download “Superstition” below, and don’t miss this one when it drops next week.

MP3  ::  Superstition

(from Guider. Buy here)


[guest post] 2010 in Review, Vol. 1 – Disappears

MP3  ::  Gone Completely

(from LUX. Buy here)




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