Introducing :: Arrange

Here’s a pair of incredibly promising new tunes from Arrange, the recording moniker of South Florida’s Malcom Lacey.  His Quiet State project is a work-in-progress release available one song at a time, and follows two 2010 mini-LPs worth of material – Paper Parts and Two, both of which are also available for free download.  Lacey dabbles in a wide variety of genres over the course of the five new tracks available so far – elements of drone, electro-pop, ambient, guitar rock, and shoegaze inform these songs and show him being well versed in each of the differing yet complimentary styles.  “I’m (Probably) A Shitty Person” is a fuzzy, guitar-based (near) instrumental that comes on like the backing track to some long lost Guided By Voices classic (i.e. – “Motor Away”), while the slow beats and obscured vocals of “Marker Spell” show Lacey does sublime electro-pop just as well vintage indie-rock.  Those two are available below, but don’t miss out on “Ivory Carpet” – a 7-minute drone/noise experiment that begins gently but gradually evolves into a wall of frightening, euphoric white-noise.  Truly mind blowing stuff, and certainly a project to keep an eye on moving forward.

MP3  ::  I’m (Probably) A Shitty Person

MP3  ::  Marker Smell

(from Quiet State. Download here)




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6 responses to “Introducing :: Arrange

  1. cj

    yehah buddy, looks great!

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