[video] Soft Black – “The Lions”

Long time PHW favorites Soft Black stopped by Brooklyn’s Seaside Lounge recording studio to put down a live take of “The Lions”, a stand out from The Earth Is Black, which was, in my humble opinion, one of 2009’s best and most overlooked records.  What makes it a particularly interesting video is that they perform the song in front of a green screen while visual artist Drew Norton adds the cool background stuff that’s not really there.  It’s like one of those new Star Wars movies, only with good writing and no Jar Jar.  Norton puts the band, appropriately enough for a song called “The Lions”, onto an African savannah.  Since the release of The Earth Is Black, the throwback rockers from Bushwick have released last year’s excellent We Scatter Light EP and are prepping a new full length, The Witching Hour, to be released later this year.  Head over to the Green Screening website to download the live version presented here.

MP3  ::  We Scatter Light

(from We Scatter Light EP. Buy here)

MP3  ::  The Lions

MP3  ::  I Am An Animal

(from The Earth Is Black. Buy here)



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