[stream] Tapes ‘n Tapes – “Badaboom”

Tapes ‘n Tapes short career is a virtual guide in what buzz bands can expect when they aren’t quite ready or capable of living up to their hype.  After setting the internet on fire with their twitchy 2006 debut, The Loon (a very solid/not great record), the Minneapolis band didn’t capitalize on their early success.  Their limp follow up, Walk It Off, fizzled before it even took its baby steps and has been virtually forgotten ever since, despite a pretty awesome single in “Hang Them All”.   For the upcoming Outside the band has burrowed back underground, recording and releasing their first new album in 3 years all by themselves.  Hopefully the extra time off between records and the back to basics approach has allowed the band to produce something that will live up to the early acclaim.  We got a peak into what to expect late last year with “Freak Out” – a promising rocker that certainly captures the band at their best.  Today they sent word that another new song, “Badaboom”, is streaming at their website.  You can check that one out right here and see for yourself:    


Outside drops next Tuesday, 1/11/11.



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